‘Cycle Ride’ featured on WRITE where we are NOW site

Carol Ann Duffy and the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University have brought together poets from around the world to write new poems about the recent days past and the weeks ahead. The poets were invited to write directly about the Coronavirus pandemic or about the personal situation they find themselves in right now.

Lots of new poems are being added to the site as the pandemic continues and I am very grateful that ‘Cycle Ride’ has been chosen. Read more poems at WRITE where we are NOW


This is my destination now and again,
the cottage, number 13 on Bridge Road,
when I want to remind myself of perfection,
or at least an idea of an ideal abode.

Although I know it is just a dream,
I dream of a different life lived there,
simpler – freshly baked bread, cream
in a blue and white striped jug. A yellow pear.

See the rambling rose round the cobalt door,
birdfeeder in spring sun, a nest in the eaves.
On the slate roof, rain must thrum a gentle score.
Whatever the weather, safe. So goes my make believe

as I pedal past, feel joy at the red geraniums
on each step but can never picture humans.

London: 2 May 2020




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